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E.T.A.: The fun begins in a few months!



        -I predicted that Bitcoin would reach $25,000 in 2020, but what the heck!!!

        -Respect plants. They might know more than they're letting on...

        -It might do everyone some good trying to be more rational. It seems like people haven't realized why the scientific method was invented.

        -Big-time inflation is coming.

        -Things are getting really fun, and nobody is noticing. It's not sad, but it comes to show how numb we've become.

        -Mathematics will always be there, holding your hand, no matter what.

        -[2011.14232] Space vectors forming rational angles (

        -We won't have to wait long for Godot...

        -Aliens don't come to Earth because we still use π (τ > π).


Things of the week (maybe not):

--------------------------TERMINAL MANDELBROT SETS-------------------------------

I'm working on an iteration independent colouring algorithm.

Code, compile with: "gcc -Wall mn.c -lm -o mn".

Update: The above is somewhat iteration independent given a high enough iteration

              count. I have used a log function to colour it.



Can you please tell me why maths is so full of symmetry?

------------------------------------BURNING SHIP JULIA SETS--------------------------------------


--------------------------MANDELBROT JULIA SETS----------------------------


P.S.: This website used to be cooler but it got deleted and I haven't had the time to make

        it look like it used to. I'll probably update it when E.T.A. hits 0.

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